Why you Should Choose a Managed Cloud Provider than Building your own Cloud

There are two distinct ways by which you can manage your cloud environment and maintain it with success. The first is by hiring and training a team of dedicated professionals to get it done. The second, is to do so using managed cloud services. As the name suggests, a managed cloud service is an essential […]

How To Serve Flask Applications with Gunicorn and Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04 Abin N A Abin N A Read more posts by this author.

Step 1 – Installing the Components from the Ubuntu Repositories Install required package in given below root@root:~# sudo apt update #These will include python3-pip along with a few more packages and development tools necessary for a robust programming environment root@root:~# sudo apt install python3-pip python3-dev build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python3-setuptools Step 2 – Creating  Python Virtual […]

How to work with WP_CLI

WP-CLI is one of the command line tools specifically made to manage your WordPress websites through the command line.you can manage WordPress without even needing to login to your WordPress admin and navigate through the pages.WP-CLI will be particularly useful if you are a WordPress developer, System Administrator or run a business built around WordPress. […]

How to convert a WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS

Introduction of HTTPS HTTPS is Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure. HTTPS is a protocol which is based on encrypted HTTP in sharing the information with the security layer.easily transfer the confidential information on the web which is further converted into code. It is used to reduce the chances of hacking. they use a TSL (Transport Layer […]

How to disable wp-cron in WordPress

Cron is a standard Unix-like/Linux utility, and it is quite possibly the most valuable highlights which plan content or order to be executed consequently at a predefined date and time. The booked orders, contents, and undertakings are called Cron Jobs. This element was acquainted with mechanizing the cycle of monotonous undertakings. What is WP-Cron WordPress […]

Top 5 Best WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins

Customers do add products of their interest to their shopping carts but end up without purchasing. This is a very common challenge faced by online stores. We all know that ¨Necessity is the mother of invention¨. So when there is an increased concern with abandoned carts, we need a solution for the same. ¨Take your […]

All about CloudFlare and How to use it

Security and performance are very important for any website or application. If you are concerned about them, then at some point in time you might have heard of Cloudflare. CloudFlare is a leading security provider for web applications. It is also a DNS provider, and Cloudflare DNS is one of the fastest DNS on earth! […]

Why FlexiCloud?

This is a question that I keep getting whenever I ask someone to migrate to us. Why should I move my websites to FlexiCloud Hosting from my present hosting provider? I have a lot of things in mind, but our expertise and our industry experience come first. Then comes the technologies that we combine in […]

Updating WooCommerce for WordPress 5.0.x

Are you an eCommerce merchant? Then you know that updates to your eCommerce platform, extensions, plugins, and payment gateways are a part of life. With the updates released for WordPress 5.0 and resultant compliance patches for WooCommerce, the world has become a wee bit easier, at least for those of us who have wagered our lives […]

Magento 2.3 release – All you need to know

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms along with WooCommerce and OpenCart. eCommerce platforms help to create and integrate features that are essential for an online shop into the website. These eCommerce platforms enable designers as well as owners to easily update and enrich their shop’s product portfolio, manage inventory and track sales […]