Server Customization & configuration

You can deploy custom applications on the server through our expert sysops team We have differential support plans available for everyone.

Online Helpdesk

You can access our support team through our helpdesk and we will respond to your queries in less than 30 minutes.

Premium Support

We take regular backups of your data so that it can be restored to a previous version in the event of any catastrophe. Our premium clients will have an Account Manager who is accessible 24/7 to handle all your support needs.


Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

We do not compromise anything for security. We do constant monitoring and OS patches
and we protect your server from malware too.

We provide fully white-labeled service and your clients will never know that we are powering them. Through FlexiCloud you can claim to your clients that you manage their hosting on the cloud.

FlexiCloud provides free SSL to every application that is hosted with us. You just need to point the site to our servers, and we will take care of it.

We do continuous monitoring of your server, and it will alert the monitoring team in case of any deviation from normal behaviour. Not only do we monitor the uptime, we monitor the CPU, RAM, disk usage and many other vital metrics of your server


Efficiency Redefined

High-performance servers and applications are our aim

Dedicated server

With a dedicated server, you can run all of your apps at maximum speed because the owner has complete control over the server’s resources. 

Redis support

Our servers are equipped with redis and you can easily plug in your application to the redis server!

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SSD hosting

Solid State Disks are much faster than magnetic Disks which result in much faster page load times. We help in making your websites load faster.

Nginx caching

You’ll be able to have nginx’s native fastcgi caching which will boost your application performance with no additional caching plugins.

Nginx based servers

We use nginx as our base web server which is very fast and secure. We can run all of your applications on nginx with ease making websites operate faster.

PHP Ready servers

Our servers are installed with PHP 8.0 by default which are quite faster, and if you need a different version, you can switch easily.


Flexible Cloud Experience


Empowering Innovation

Our servers are always developer-friendly. These tools that we offer will allow you to handle your
content and data easily.

The servers are git enabled and you can connect your repository with the application and enable auto deployment.

You can enable SSH and SFTP access for your websites and access them when needed to update your files and folders.

We do not limit you to the number of projects that you can host on the server so long as the server can handle them.


Managed Hosting Plans