Managed Cloud Hosting for Agencies

FlexiCloud Provides reliable managed cloud hosting for web and creative agencies. Having associated with more than 7+ cloud providers, FlexiCloud is able to set up servers in more than 45+ data centres across the world. Agency Service will be completely isolated and the clients of your agency will only be hosted in the server.

Hosting features available with every plan

Experts in agency hosting solutions

FlexiCloud is a managed cloud hosting solution provider which provides salient features to agencies to help them provide the best services to their clients’ building their reputation.

Move to FlexiCloud for free!

FlexiCloud provides free migrations for your websites from any provider. To migrate your website, you need to contact our support helpdesk and they will schedule the migration to happen at your convenience.

Unlimited websites

FlexiCloud does not limit you to the number of websites that you can create on your server. So as long as the resources allow, no one will stop you from adding sites.

Fully White Labelled

We provide fully white labelled service and your clients will never know that we are powering them. Through FlexiCloud you can claim to your clients that you manage their hosting on the cloud.

365/24/7 Support

Stuck with a technical issue ? Contact us anytime of the hour, any day and we will be there to help you. We are available 24x7x365 – you can count on us! we will respond within few minutes and the issue will be resolved within a few hours.

Setting Cloud as per Choice

Other premium features offered

FlexiCloud allows you to choose servers from an array of public cloud providers and we build your stack on it. We give you the choice of Provider, Location, Server & Application.

Guaranteed Backups

We take regular backups of your application, both files and databases. We keep backups on server and off server and retain it for 7 consecutive days. In case you need to restore your site to a previous backup, you can raise a ticket from your client area.

Free SSL

We at FlexiCloud believes that SSL is a basic right to every website that is hosted with us, no matter how small or big they are. So we provide every one a free SSL certificate as long as they are clients of FlexiCloud.

Continuous Monitoring

We do continuous monitoring of your server, and it will alert the monitoring team in case of any deviation from normal behaviour. Not only we monitor the uptime, we monitor the CPU, RAM, disk usage and many other vital metrices of your server.

Globally Local

No matter where you are, we have a data centre near you. You do not need to compromise on the location of your server and make your customers pay for higher latency. FlexiCloud have servers across 45+ data centre across globe.

Malware Removal

We provide full assistance to help your site to get rid of any malware. Our expert support team is capable of identifying and fixing hack or malware attacks that may happen to your site

Serverside Caching

We provide you the option to enable serverside caching which includes nginx's native fastcgi caching. You can enable Redis Caching for free at FlexiCloud. Apart from these, we support Varnish cache if you're on Magento.


Agency hosting plans

FlexiCloud provides shared hosting services to individuals, startups & organizations all across the globe. Come migrate to FlexiCloud for a seamless & tensionless hosting service.

    • Shared Cloud


      • 2 Sites
      • 4 GB
      • 5GB SSD
      • 15 Websites
      • 15 cPanel
    • Dedicated Cloud


      • Digital Ocean | Vultr | Linode Server
      • 4 CPU
      • 8GB RAM
      • 160 GB SSD
      • Unlimited Websites
      • PHP 7.3, 7.4, 8.
      • MySQL
      • NodeJS Support
    • Dedicated Cloud


      • Hetzner Server
      • 4 CPU
      • 8GB RAM
      • 160 GB SSD
      • Unlimited Websites
      • PHP 7.3, 7.4, 8.
      • MySQL
      • NodeJS Support

We understand your Business!

FlexiCloud understands how important agencies are for the industry.  In this hosting plans we have included everything that a hosting industry can provide to web development or web design or creative agency to fulfil their hosting and IT needs.


Reselling web hosting services comes with challenges

Key level expertise is needed to ensure the data of clients is protected and secure. This can be time-consuming and tough. Joining hands with the best hosting solution can clear the issues and support your business which prioritizes security, performance, and effective and efficient delivery of service thereby not compromising on the pricing too.

Setting Cloud as per Choice

Improvising day by day!

We have brough the best in the industry for you so that you can have the best of everything! 

Redis is Free!

We do not believe in charging something that is free and open source. Redis is free and at FlexiCloud for everyone so as long as your server supports it.

Easily scalable

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your server at FlexiCloud. You just need to pay the additional charge for the upgrade and your server will be updated to the next convenient plan for you so that you can contain the additional traffic.


And we have settings in place which will monitor each and every service in your server and make sure that if any service goes down it will automatically be restarted.

Competitive pricing

But pricing is very competitive and through FlexiCloud clients can access any available public cloud and enjoy their advantages. We are not limiting any clients any particular Cloud or location.

Wherever you go, we are there!

Our technical help desk is open 24 x 7 x 365. If you’re stuck with any technical issues you can easily raise a ticket and we will respond within 15 minutes and the issue will be resolved within a few hours.

Vernacular Support

Though our primary language of communication is English, Flexicloud provides support for our clients in most of the Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi and Kannada. We are adding more to this list.

Setting Cloud as per Choice

Hosting features available with every plan

By concentrating on the needs and wants of the client, tasks with respect to maintenance, security, and performance are taken care of.

Database optimizations​

We optimise the databases for better performance. It depends on site to site and which can be enabled or disabled as and when needed.

Security as a top priority

We take security very seriously. Every site hosted with us have a free SSL certificate and we ensure the sites are properly backed up. The data that you trust us with, is properly secured and protected.

Fast reaction time

Our technical help desk is open 24 x 7 x 365. If you're stuck with any technical issues you can easily raise a ticket and we will respond within 15 minutes and the issue will be resolved within four hours.


Why Agencies trust us

FlexiCloud act as a valued partner to agencies to along side to build business together.