Membership Website Hosting

FlexiCloud is the best place where your membership websites can call a home! We know that they are resource hungry, and they need a lot of attention to keep them online! 

Blazing fast speeds

Our servers can easily handle large numbers of logged-in members and heavy user activity. Many of our customers report a huge reduction in load times after switching to FlexiCloud.

Next generation architecture

Our virtual machines of the cloud, with our advanced stack which is powered by nginx along with our expert technical staff, are the best place for your membership websites to get hosted.

Redis Cache

Object Caching always fuels your membership website to perform better. On higher plans, we provide Redis for free which you can leverage to squeeze the best from the server.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us​

membership sites are not easy when it comes to hosting it. They are notorious for their resource leeching nature. 

The complicated database queries and the large amount of user data, metadata, etc are enough to make your normal server go down. 

Our superior servers supplemented by the expert support team make sure that FlexiCloud is the best abode for your members and your membership website. 


24x7x365 Support

Stuck with a technical issue ? Contact us anytime of the hour, any day and we will be there to help you. We are available 24x7x365 – you can count on us! we will respond within few minutes and the issue will be resolved within a few hours.

Wherever you go, we are there!

Our platform is distributed, across the world. You can spin a server on any of the 45+ data centers across the world and enjoy the benefits of the cloud!

Vernacular Support

Though our primary language of communication is English, Flexicloud provides support for our clients in most of the Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi and Kannada. We are adding more to this list.


Why Businesses Trust us

The People who have put their trust in us and who are totally happy with our managed hosting services