Customers do add products of their interest to their shopping carts but end up without purchasing. This is a very common challenge faced by online stores.

We all know that ¨Necessity is the mother of invention¨. So when there is an increased concern with abandoned carts, we need a solution for the same.

¨Take your customers through the billing counter with the help of abandoned cart recovery plugins!¨.

Increase your sales revenue with the help of WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins.

Continue reading to ensure the best solutions for abandoned carts using abandoned cart recovery plugins.

Why do customers use shopping carts?

When customers are willing to buy a product or when they don’t want to miss the same.

Why do customers abandon their shopping carts?

When they are waiting for reasons like;

  • A drop in prices
  • Free shipping offer
  • Gifts or Coupons
  • Gather enough money
  • Thinking of buying it later
  • Would not like to miss the product
  • Interested in similar products
  • A glitch in the application or payment mode
  • Security concerns related to payment and data
  • Hassle in return, etc.,
  • Especially forgetting what they wanted to buy.

Why recover abandoned carts?

When there are proven ways to accomplish your vision and mission of developing your business. Then why wait?

There is a saying that you should hit the right bark to fetch fruits. Here to increase your WooCommerce revenue, abandoned carts are the best places to hit.

And now you should carefully choose the right WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery email plugins.

Why use plugins for cart recovery?

It is always recommended to have an eye on the cart as well as the customerś purchase behavior. Then analyze the reasons for cart abandonment.

One of the best-recommended ways to recover abandoned carts would be through email marketing because of its selective advantages. There are other methods like search engine advertisements, social media advertisements, pop-ups, messages and so on. Hence there are tools or plugins which can help you with cart recovery.

Further, the whole purpose of plugins is to reduce manual labor. Because manual methods might be error-prone plus time-consuming. Especially when there are huge volumes of work and monotonous work automation is the way out.

Communicate regarding abandoned carts 

When you are running a business it is really important to communicate with your customers. So, the best persons to communicate would be those who are showing interest in your products. And the best way to communicate would be through personalized ¨reminders¨.

Golden rules for interacting with your customers

  • Emotionally connect with your customers.
  • A message which does not look like autogenerated but like a manual one.
  • Make them feel special.
  • Make them respond to it.
  • Make them feel rewarded.
  • Make them feel satisfied so that they love to stay loyal.
  • A warning that we are in short of the product.

Now, let us discuss the top best WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery email plugins discussed below.

Top WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Plugins

S No Plugin Name Live Demo/Docs
1. Retainful Demo Link | Doc Link
2. CampaignRabbit Doc Link
3. Save Abandoned Carts Not Available
4. CartPull Not Available
5. Cart recovery for WordPress Not Available

1. Retainful

Retainful – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails and Next Order Coupons
Retainful – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails and Next Order Coupons

A single click, free plugin that helps you recover WooCommerce abandoned carts. You can automate email marketing in order to recover your abandoned carts.

The main features are listed below

  • Captures abandoned carts
  • Abandoned cart recovery emails
    • Sends automated Abandoned cart recovery emails
    • Stops sending as soon as the cart is recovered
    • Unlimited Cart recovery emails
  • Drip email reminders
  • Email templates
    • Three quick default email templates
    • Customizable email templates
  • Next order coupons
    • Customizable coupon design
    • Coupon applies to cart just with a click – no need to copy-paste
  • Analytics and Reports
    • Track cart recovery email performance
    • Compare the values of abandoned carts and carts recovered by emails
    • Monitor customer insights
    • Customers who have opened coupons, recovery emails
    • Track recovered revenue stats
    • Compare the revenue post and pre cart recovery
    • Track real-time or live cart status
    • Track revenue yield generated using Next order coupons
  • Customer support available even for the free version

Retainful supports platforms including Shopify and WooCommerce with plans to integrate with Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Volusion, and Magento.

Pro version

There are added features as follows that can be used for a set number of websites.

  • Attractive Premium email templates
  • Email collection pop-up and coupons for the same with timer for guest users
  • Customizations like Next order couponś usage specifications
  • Premium support

Feature transparency: Almost all essential features are listed and can be continuously used with the free basic version

Pricing is transparent and allows easy upgradation. Payment can be easily done for the pro version and can be done through the plugin dashboard billing option.

Allows continued usage of free version with all basic features.

2. CampaignRabbit

CampaignRabbit - eCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery and Marketing Automation Tool
CampaignRabbit – eCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery and Marketing Automation Tool

Here is a good service that helps reduce cart abandonment in WooCommerce.

When you are looking for a plugin that integrates with e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify, CampaignRabbit is one of the best.

Take a look into some unique marketing strategies which you can experiment with to double up your business.

  • Lost sales recovery with automated emails sent at regular time intervals.
  • Drag and drop visual email builder so no coding knowledge is required.
  • Email campaigning for introducing new and similar products
  • Pop-ups based upon customers shopping behavior
  • Personalized advertisements or Segmentation to categorize your customers based on their purchase behavior.
  • Follow up emails facilitating more response to improve your business.

Payment is very easy and supports multiple payment gateways. Also, payments are transparent and increase as your customers increase. Just start paying $14 as you grow beyond 100 customers.

The free version can be used when you have a shopping customer number below 100.

3. Save Abandoned Carts

Save Abandoned Carts – WooCommerce Live Checkout Field Capture
Save Abandoned Carts – WooCommerce Live Checkout Field Capture

Save Abandoned carts plugin is a free abandoned cart email plugin that comes with a set of essential functionalities. So, users are recommended to make sure whether all of their requirements will be covered. Especially this does not slow down your process being a light weighted plugin. This is a highly user-friendly and secured plugin.

It has the following features in the free basic version.

  • Captures the cart status of registered users
  • Instant capturing of checkout fields of guest users. This ensures that data entered will not be lost and no requirement for re-entering the same.
  • There is a feature that captures unregistered users using the Exit Intent popup option. This enables guest users to update carts and captures them.

It has the following features in the paid version.

  • Certain features like Exit Intent popup option work on mobile devices
  • Customizable Email notification features
  • Additional Domain usage
  • Integrated with MailChimp
  • Cart status tracking

Please note that uninstallation leads to clearing up or deletion of all the data, the plugin comes with limited customizable features.

There can be certain features that can be improved like price transparency, feature transparency, affordability, and page navigation.

4. Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce – CartPull

Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce – CartPull
Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce – CartPull

This is a WooCommerce specific abandoned cart recovery plugin. This provides email marketing features.


  • Easy to configure, need to just download and activate
  • Easy to edit
  • Coding skills not necessary
  • Data offloading option
    • Available for tracking insights
    • Reduces website data loads

5. Cart recovery for WordPress

Cart recovery for WordPress
Cart recovery for WordPress

This is an easy to use open-source WordPress cart recovery email plugin. There is no hassle considering WoCommerce updates with this multiplatform plugin.

In the free basic version, it has the following features

  • Compatible with multiple tools which means the plugin will automatically detect the system you are using and connects up.
  • Tracks customer details entered only during checkout.
  • It generates an automated editable default email template.
  • Tracks abandoned carts stats and enable viewing but not exporting them in an easy to use graphical representation.

There are certain customizable features that are available only in the pro version and are mentioned below;

  • Add to cart email capture enabling users to enter their email address as soon as the cart usage begins.
  • Multiple email campaigns with user-defined features for emails
  • Detailed cart visibility and history which can be exported
  • The unique discount code generation facility


There will be an obvious difficulty and dilemma while choosing the right choice of plugins for your WooCommerce stores. Before choosing a plugin first carefully go through the features and jot down the most essential features required for your store.
Do choose the one with the most important customizable options.

So that you can experiment and improve your business. Go for the plugin with good customer support. With the rapid advancement in technology using a tool that encompasses scopes for improvement is necessary.

When it comes to features and pricing transparency plays a key role. Because we will run out of time trying out different available abandoned cart recovery plugins out there.

Furthermore, automation is not your ultimate goal wherein you have got to move towards personalization. So, giving reminders which can not easily escape being unnoticed. And a powerful way of communication has got the immense potential to enable customers to buy your products.

Do comment and share your user experiences.