CyberPanel is a popular server control panel that makes it easy to deploy secure servers running LiteSpeed Web Server. It offers features such as DNS management, email handling, SSL certificate installation, and more. Given its performance and the rising costs of cPanel, CyberPanel has become an attractive alternative for many user.

What is CyberPanel?

CyberPanel is an innovative web hosting control panel designed to simplify server management. Built on top of OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Enterprise web servers, it provides a user-friendly interface for managing websites, databases, email accounts, and various server functions. CyberPanel supports one-click installations, automatic SSL certificates, and robust security features, making it a powerful choice for web developers and hosting providers.

Key Features of CyberPanel

1. Open Source and Free

CyberPanel is the first open-source control panel that supports both OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Enterprise. Its open-source nature allows users to leverage its powerful features without incurring additional costs.

2. One-Click Install

Installing applications on your server has never been easier. CyberPanel offers a single-click setup for popular frameworks such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mautic, and more, simplifying the installation process.

3. LiteSpeed Cache

With the LSCache plugin on the LiteSpeed server, CyberPanel ensures your websites load exceptionally fast. It provides both page and server-level caching, enhancing overall performance.

4. Unlimited Install

As a free and open-source platform, CyberPanel allows for unlimited installations and websites under its Free Forever Plan. This makes it a versatile tool for numerous projects.

5. Easy Resource Monitoring

From the CyberPanel dashboard, you can monitor CPU, memory, and disk usage. Additionally, it allows you to restart the LiteSpeed server or suspend misbehaving sites with ease.

6. One-Click SSL

CyberPanel provides free one-click SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt, with auto-renewal enabled by default. This ensures that your certificates are always up-to-date without manual intervention.

Pros and Cons of CyberPanel


  • Email Hosting: CyberPanel includes robust email hosting capabilities, making it suitable for hosting businesses.
  • LiteSpeed Support: It supports LiteSpeed, ensuring high performance and low server load.
  • Feature-Rich: Offers numerous features for free, including custom package creation and client logins.


  • Usability: Some users report that CyberPanel has a learning curve and that its usability could be improved.
  • Bugs and Support: Users have encountered bugs and have noted that support is primarily limited to forums and Slack channels.

CyberPanel Installation Guide

To install CyberPanel on your server, follow these steps:

Update Your Server:

For Ubuntu:

 sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y 

For CentOS:

 sudo yum update -y 

Download and Execute the Installation Script:Run the following command to download and start the CyberPanel installation script:

 sh <(curl -s 

Follow the Installation Prompts:

Choose Version: Select between CyberPanel with OpenLiteSpeed (free) or LiteSpeed Enterprise. Installation Type: Opt for either a full installation with all features or a minimal installation.

Cache Options: Decide if you want to include Memcached and Redis for caching.
Admin Password: Set the admin password for the CyberPanel dashboard.

Access CyberPanel:

After installation, access the CyberPanel dashboard by navigating to your server's IP address on port 8090 in a web browser:


    Log in using the admin username and password you set during the installation.For detailed instructions, visit the official CyberPanel installation guide: CyberPanel Installation Guide


Despite its flaws, CyberPanel remains a powerful tool for efficiently managing LiteSpeed Web Servers. It is particularly appealing for its ease of use, speed, and cost-effectiveness. While it may not be the best choice for power users needing extensive support and features, it is an excellent option for those who value simplicity and performance. If CyberPanel's features align with your needs, consider giving it a try.

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