All about Cyberpanel

In the last few years, a new way of doing business began to take hold: using technology to offer customers more convenient and efficient services. One of these services was the cyber panel, an online tool that allows users to purchase products or services over the internet.
Popular server control panel CyberPanel makes it simple to deploy safe servers running LiteSpeed Web Server. Additionally, you will be able to handle DNS, emails, install SSL certificates, and much more.
Because of its performance, LiteSpeed Web Server—which CyberPanel uses—is popular. You are free to administer an unlimited number of servers and websites. As a result of cPanel’s pricing rises, many users have migrated to CyberPanel.

Now let’s look at some of the features of the cyber panel, shall we?

Opensource and Free

CyberPanel is the first open-source control panel that supports OpenLiteSpeed
and LiteSpeed Enterprise.

One Click Install

Installing applications on your server could not get any easier! We have a single click
setup for popular frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mautic, and many

Litespeed Cache

Nothing beats LSCache plugin on the Litespeed server. With Page and Server level
caching, your websites will fly!

Unlimited Installs

CyberPanel is Free and Open-source, so you can install it a thousand times and
then some more. No limits on the number of installations or number of websites in the
Free Forever Plan.

Easy Resource Monitor

Monitor your CPU, Memory, and Disk Usage right from your Dashboard. Restart the
LiteSpeed server or suspend the misbehaving site, you’ve got all the power.

One Click SSL

Free One Click SSL Certificates by Let’s Encrypt. With Auto-renewal enabled by default, CyberPanel will automagically renew your Certificates before they expire!

CyberPanel is a powerful panel that offers a number of features, including email hosting and LiteSpeed support. It can be beneficial for setting up a hosting business if you need email hosting, client logins, and custom packages. CyberPanel offers great performance and many features for free. However, it has a number of bugs, its usability could be improved, and it has limited support. It is a powerful panel with many options, especially for advanced users. WordPress sites will load much faster with CyberPanel. It is not as easy to manage WordPress sites as on other panels, and support is limited to forums and slack. CyberPanel offers a number of features, including email hosting and LiteSpeed support, which are some of its most significant advantages. Good performance is assured with a low server load.
In addition to creating custom packages (which are available in the free version), client logins (which require an additional fee), limiting the CPU usage of an application (which can also be purchased), setting up client logins (which also requires an additional fee) and creating custom packages (which require an additional fee), CyberPanel is a great alternative to other platforms.
There is a downside to this as well, Users report difficulties setting up CyberPanel and that it is frequently broken. Some users aren’t happy with the support services.

To conclude

CyberPanel may have its share of flaws, but even with all that taken into consideration, it still remains a good content management system for those who want to build a website on their own server or just someone who’s looking to get more out of their LiteSpeed Web Server. If you are a power user and want a solid, feature-rich panel, look elsewhere. If you find CyberPanel appealing for its ease of use, speed, and price point, download it now.