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Managed Cloud Hosting Features

FlexiCloud is the best Cloud Hosting solution for your application.
Be it on PHP, NodeJS, or on Python

Linux Only

We believe in linux. Linux is fast, secure and free ! All our servers are linux flavored and we are working towards supporting everything that works on linux.

Free SSL

So long as your site points to our servers, your websites will be protected with a free domain validation SSL certificate. It not only protects your data, it boosts your SEO score as well.

Nginx Powered

Nginx is a very fast webserver. We use nginx as much as possible to host our websites. The easy to use features and fast nature of ngninx makes it our favorite webserver.

Guaranteed Backups

FlexiCloud will be commited to provide you guaranteed backups of your site. We will retain the backups for 7 consecutive days and you can go back to any date from your control panel or or by raising a ticket.

FastCGI Caching

We use fastCGI caching as much as possible on our web servers. If offloads the caching of your pages from your web and database servers and makes your sites load very fast

Redis Caching for Free

Redis is an in memory data store used to cache MySQL queries. Redis is very effective in redusing the load on MySQL server and there by decreasing the site response time.


Words from our Customers

The People who have put their trust in us and who are totally happy with our managed hosting services

Setting Cloud as per Choice

Specialization in Managed Cloud

FlexiCloud allows you to choose servers from an array of public cloud providers and we build your stack on it. We give you the choice of Provider, Location, Server & Application.

Scalable infrastructure

Our structure is designed in such a manner to ensure smooth handling in load and traffic. Resources are accordingly allocated to each container based on isolated software container technology.

Server-level caching

We find the perfect point between functioning and performance to the customers with fast server-level caching.

Fully secure

Malware scans are continuously run to ensure there are no hiccups in the hosting plans provided. This focuses on blocking all unwanted IPs. SFTP, A+ ratings on Qualys SSL Labs, Free SSL, SSH, HTTP/2 are standardized.

Automatic backups

In case of a glitch, it will be resolved as sites are automatically backed up on a daily basis. Hence, you can be assured that the data of clients is in safe and secure hands.

We understand your Business!

FlexiCloud understands how important agencies are for the industry.  In this hosting plans we have included everything that it hosting industry can provide to web development or web design or creative agency to fulfil their hosting and IT needs.

Setting Cloud as per Choice

Why choose FlexiCloud for Managed Web Hosting

We are the pioneer in managing the cloud for eCommerce and high-traffic websites.

Launch websites through one-click installation

Exceptional knowledge in the hosting industry

Improving website speed for eCommerce sites

Free Cloudflare SSL certificates

Website migrations are quite convenient and easy for us.

Round-the-clock safety and security as the site is being monitored every minute

Secured by a Cloudflare firewall with built-in DDoS protection.

40+ Data Centers/locations to host your website.

Ensuring 100% security for all your data.